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Jackson 1972-fixed

Malcolm wears waistcoats to work at Jackson Studios, Rickmansworth in 1972

mjQ was founded by Malcolm Jackson (MJ), who has specialised in brokering professional recording studio properties since 1965, a role he fell into when Barry Gray (of Thunderbirds fame) asked to clear out the entire contents of his studio and sell the building before going offshore.

jacksons 1977

Equipment sales had already been a sideline for MJ whilst running Jackson Studios with his brother John, which they had developed from the former studio of their Dad, the famous BBC Radio disc jockey Jack Jackson (http://www.radioacademy.org/hall-of-fame-member/jack-jackson/) and thanks to legendary engineer Vic Maile, Jackson Studios became synonymous with the punk era; Motorhead’s Ace of Spades was notably one of Vic’s biggest successes there (http://www.philsbook.com/jacksons.html)

Motorhead with Vic at Jackson Studios

Lemmy in the studio when he wasn’t having tea & biscuits with Grandma Jackson

MJ went on to form the former London Studio Exchange, as well as the Distinguished Audio Engineer’s Federation (DEAF) that raised money for deaf children through its hell-raising charity events. Over the years MJ has run some of the industry’s big equipment auctions including Sale of the Century at Abbey Road in 1980, Trident Studios, CTS Wembley, The Town House, Eden Studios & Mark Angelo.

Jackson Air
A brochure featuring a Neve 8078 from Air Studios sold by Malcolm in the early 80s

Countless studio properties have been sold & let via MJ – in some cases several times over  – and more recently, not just in the UK but France, Spain, Italy, Israel and Australia.

mjQ property & equipment service is run by MJ and his youngest of four sons Hamish and with the help of specialist freelance technical service engineers as well as legal & business advisors; being the only real property agent in the UK to specialise purely in professional recording studios it is important for mjQ to offer all customers the best possible support.

Our philosophy is that of complete transparency in all our business endeavours whilst as efficient and as thorough as possible.