Brand Model Price
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Coles 4038 single coming July 2018 £tbc Enquire
Neumann Gefell CMV563 £POA Enquire
Neumann KM84 vintage pair rocknroll condition but working, coming July 2018 £tbc Enquire
Neumann U47 FET £2,750 Enquire
Neumann SM69 original vintage tube mic with PSU, box £7,995 Enquire
Neumann U47 with original M7 capsule & VF14 £11,500 Enquire
Neumann U67 original £7,999 Enquire
RCA 44 pair £POA Enquire
Sennheiser MD421 x3 coming July 2018 £tbc Enquire
Sennheiser MD441 x2 coming July 2018 £tbc Enquire
SoundElux C 251 coming soon £tbc Enquire
SoundElux U95S coming soon £tbc Enquire
Relso Ribbon mic engraved PROPERTY OF BRITANNIA ROW (ex Pink Floyd) £POA Enquire
Brand Model Price
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Alan Smart C1 bus compressor coming July 2018 £tbc Enquire
Amek Neve 9098 EQ £599 Enquire
AMS 1580 (2 available) near mint, coming July 2018 £2,250 Enquire
AMS RMX 16 vintage digital reverb £2,499 Enquire
Audicon by Lawson Plate reverb coming July 2018 £tbc Enquire
Calrec PQ 1061 7,995 Enquire
Chandler Curve Bender £3,995 Enquire
Chandler LTD-1 £1,275 Enquire
Chandler TG2 £1,790 Enquire
Chandler Germanium pre's coming July 2018 £tbc Enquire
CLM DB 500s Expounder Dynamic EQ £800 Enquire
dbx 165a coming July 2018 £tbc Enquire
Dangerous 2 Bus + £2,199 Enquire
Dangerous Convert 8 £2,450 Enquire
Drawmer DS501 powergate £350 Enquire
EMT 140 mono valve plate need light service £1,650 Enquire
Focusrite ISA 215 coming July 2018 £1,999 Enquire
Focusrite Red 2 EQ £1,199 Enquire
Focusrite Red 7 preamp/ compressor £1,899 Enquire
GML 8200 EQ near mint £2,950 Enquire
Lexicon 480L v4 with Classic cartridge, Larc remote £3,399 Enquire
Manley Massive Passive coming July 2018 £tbc Enquire
Manley Vari-Mu coming July 2018 £tbc Enquire
Neve 1081 racked pair £8,999 Enquire
Prism MMA-4 four channel mic pre £1,899 Enquire
Prism Maselec MEA-2 Mastering EQ coming July 2018 £tbc Enquire
Prism Maselec MLA-2 Mastering Limiter coming July 2018 £tbc Enquire
Siemens V276 preamps racked pair £1,399 Enquire
Spectra Sonics 610 Compressor limiter £850 Enquire
Summit Audio DCL 200 £1,325 Enquire
TC 2290 delay £1,199 Enquire
Tube Tech PE1C coming July 2018 £1,450 Enquire
Universal Audio LA-2A reissue (2 available) (price each) £2,199 Enquire
Universal Audio 2-610 stereo preamp £1,399 Enquire
Vacuvox CL2 superior compressor (mono) £9,995 Enquire
Brand Model Price
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Decca WSW Unique one-off recording console made for a famous European recital hall. High Provenance. £POA Enquire
Neve 8016 vintage console with mix of BAE & Shepps modules £89,995 Enquire
Neve Melbourn 39,995 Enquire
Neve 51 series ex-broadcast console £POA Enquire
Studer 089 12channel £9,500 Enquire
Trident TSM £38,995 Enquire
Brand Model Price
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B&W P4 coming July 2018 £tbc Enquire
Dynaudio BX50 sub coming July 2018 £tbc Enquire
Genelec 7070A sub £1,200 Enquire
Genelec 1031A x5 coming July 2018 £tbc Enquire
Genelec 1039A main room monitoring system with amps & flight cases. Price ex VAT £7,995 Enquire
KRK 6000 series coming July 2018 £tbc Enquire
PMC BBM5 pair £4,495 Enquire
Yamaha NS10M £500 Enquire
Brand Model Price
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Ampex 351 valve 4 track half inch, restoration required £Offer Enquire
Avid Pro Tools - various complete rigs - HDX/ HD3/ HD6 etc. £POA Enquire
iZ Radar 24 with session controller £1,999 Enquire
Studer A80 1" 8-track £7,500 Enquire
Studer A800 MKIII with custom remote, low low hrs £8,000 Enquire
Brand Model Price
Ampeg Portaflex SB12 £POA Enquire
Hammond B3 black with Leslie 147 £6,000 Enquire
Hammond RT3 with Leslie 142 coming July 2018 £tbc Enquire
Hammond X5 with Leslie 760 coming July 2018 £tbc Enquire
Moog System 55 £POA Enquire
Moog Prodigy £850 Enquire
Roli Seaboard Grand Enquire
Wurlitzer EP200A £POA Enquire
Brand Model Price
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Ampex ATR 102 half inch near MINT £7,450 Enquire
Studer A80 half inch inch 2-track coming July 2018 £tbc Enquire
Brand Model Price
BBC Acoustic panels £various Enquire
Gretsch Thunderjet bass guitar £19,999 Enquire
Herman Miller Aaron chairs x2 £750 Enquire
Sommer cables D-Sub > XLR 2m x2 £tbc Enquire
Sommer cables Multipair 8 digital AES/EBU multicore 8 x 2 D-Sub to D-Sub, 1m £tbc Enquire
Sommer cables Multipair 8 - 1.5m to 2.5m £tbc Enquire
Sommer cables Multipair 8 - D-Sub to Neutrik XLR, 1m £tbc Enquire
Sterling Plan D modular workstation £tbc Enquire
Brand Model Price
Astronic A1671 EQ WANTED Enquire
Neumann U67 mint condition WANTED Enquire
Neumann U47 all-original with original PSU and valve WANTED Enquire
Studer 1" 8-track Enquire