Brand Model Price
AKG C12 VR green/ gold £2,250 Enquire
Brauner VM1 matched pair with power supplies £4,150 Enquire
Gefell MV692 with UM71 multipattern capsule £POA Enquire
Neumann KM54 original with PSU £1,500 Enquire
Neumann KM56 original vintage with PSU, original box £3,400 Enquire
Neumann SM69 original vintage tube mic with PSU, box £6,950 Enquire
Neumann U47 FET reissue never used £2,250 Enquire
Neumann U67 original vintage with original PSU, cables, box £8,995 Enquire
Neumann U87 original vintage £1,950 Enquire
RCA 77 D original serviced, cable connector and bag £1,750 Enquire
Brand Model Price
AMS RMX16 Digital Reverb £POA Enquire
API 48 x custom 512 mic preamps with motorised pots ex Fleetwood Mobiles £35k Enquire
Bricasti M7 Reverb £POA Enquire
EAR 825Q mastering EQ 5-band £7,795 Enquire
EMT 140 stereo valve plate with remote & motor £2,650 Enquire
EMT 240 gold foil plate reverb with remote & cable, serviced £3,450 Enquire
Fairchild Spring Reverb £2,000 Enquire
Fairchild 670 £POA Enquire
Lexicon 300 Classic Digital FX, ex Britannia Row Studios (Pink Floyd original) £950 Enquire
Ridge Farm Boiler Compressor £TBC Enquire
UREI 1176 rev H silver face, one owner for last 30 years, near mint £2,760 Enquire
Vacuvox CL-2 tube compressor made from Rhod & Schwarz U23 (pre-Fairchild 670) £9,995 Enquire
Brand Model Price
AMS Neve Gemini DFC console for multi-format film dubbing & post production £89,995 Enquire
Cadac 15 channel side car mixer £4,995 Enquire
Decca Location mixer 11 channels. Early 90s. Last model. Flight cased £3,500 Enquire
Decca Unique one-off recording console made for a famous European recital hall. High Provenance. £POA Enquire
Neve 51 series ex-broadcast console with 24 channels, fitted to modern pop studio £POA Enquire
Neve VR 48ch near mint £25,995 Enquire
SSL 4000 series console with G+ computer £24,950 Enquire
SSL 6000 series with G computer, 56 channels, VU, Total Recall MINT £38,000 Enquire
Trident 80 - 36 channels £POA Enquire
Trident 80B - 36 channels £POA Enquire
Brand Model Price
AR AR18 speakers pair £POA Enquire
Genelec 1039A main room monitoring system with amps & flight cases. Price ex VAT £8,500 Enquire
Brand Model Price
Ampex 351 valve 4 track machine ex Abbey Road Studios (needs restoring) £TBD Enquire
Studer A80 24 track 2" wide body model, serviced and in excellent condition £POA Enquire
Studer A800 MKIII with custom remote, low low hrs £8,000 Enquire
Telefunken M15 refurbished stunning 16t & 24t 2" £11,000 Enquire
Brand Model Price
ARP Solina Strings Ensemble £1,800 Enquire
Farfisa Compact £2,650 Enquire
Fender Rhodes Bass Piano silver sparkle top 1966 £1,900 Enquire
Hammond B3 black with Leslie 147 £6,000 Enquire
Hammond M100-B3 Ready organ custom tour live chopped with Leslie 122 £2,900 Enquire
Hammond RT3 complete with foot pedals, stool, Leslie 147. USA made £6,000 Enquire
Hohner Clavinet D6 vintage tour model £1,800 Enquire
Hurdy Gurdy Altarwind Symphony + electronic pickup + hard case £1,950 Enquire
Korg MS-20 original vintage £1,200 Enquire
Korg CV-Gate Sequencer £1,050 Enquire
Korg VC-10 vocoder with microphone £950 Enquire
Moog Slim Phatty £590 Enquire
Moog Voyager £2,150 Enquire
Oberheim Matrix-6R polyphonic analogue rack mount synth module £790 Enquire
Oberheim OB8 including DSX Sequencer + capacitors & components kit for future servicing £3,900 Enquire
Roland MKS-80 Jupiter 8 rack version £1,800 Enquire
Roland MPG-80 Programmer £1,400 Enquire
Roland V-Piano the full length digital piano of high-end professional standard £2,350 Enquire
Vox Continental £1,900 Enquire
Yamaha YC 45D £660 Enquire
Brand Model Price
Studer A807 quarter inch 2-track £TBD Enquire
Studer A80 RC quarter inch 2-track £TBD Enquire
Brand Model Price
Name Secure isolation panels £various Enquire
BBC Acoustic panels £various Enquire
Brand Model Price
Astronic A1671 EQ WANTED Enquire
Neumann U67 mint condition WANTED Enquire
Neumann U47 all-original with original PSU and valve WANTED Enquire
Studer 089 Enquire