Brand Model Price
Neumann Gefell CMV563 £POA Enquire
Neumann KM56 original MINT checked by Neumann, Missing PSU £3,995 Enquire
Neumann M249 £POA Enquire
Neumann SM69 original vintage tube mic with PSU, box £7,995 Enquire
Neumann U47 restored with M7 new & proper PSU £POA Enquire
Neumann U67 original £8,495 Enquire
RCA 44 pair £POA Enquire
Relso Ribbon mic engraved PROPERTY OF BRITANNIA ROW (ex Pink Floyd) £POA Enquire
Brand Model Price
Calrec PQ 1061 7,995 Enquire
EMT 140 mono valve plate need light service £1,650 Enquire
Vacuvox CL2 superior compressor (mono) £9,995 Enquire
Brand Model Price
Decca Unique one-off recording console made for a famous European recital hall. High Provenance. £POA Enquire
Neve 51 series ex-broadcast console with 24 channels, fitted to modern pop studio £POA Enquire
Swedish Radio vintage console £POA Enquire
Brand Model Price
ATC 10-2 Active Nearfields £POA Enquire
ATC SCM 150 SL pair £5,995 Enquire
Genelec 1039A main room monitoring system with amps & flight cases. Price ex VAT £7,995 Enquire
PMC IB1S pair £4,495 Enquire
Yamaha NS10M £500 Enquire
Brand Model Price
Studer A800 MKIII with custom remote, low low hrs £8,000 Enquire
Brand Model Price
Fender Twin Reverb silverface 70s £POA Enquire
Hammond B3 black with Leslie 147 £6,000 Enquire
Wurlitzer EP200A £POA Enquire
Brand Model Price
Studer A807 quarter inch 2-track £TBD Enquire
Brand Model Price
BBC Acoustic panels £various Enquire
Brand Model Price
Astronic A1671 EQ WANTED Enquire
Neumann U67 mint condition WANTED Enquire
Neumann U47 all-original with original PSU and valve WANTED Enquire
Studer 089 Enquire