Staffordshire: 4-bed luxury conversion of pre-Victorian mill with potential for recording studio development


About the Property

4-5 bedroom converted freehold with lots of development potential for a recording studio.
Situated in a magical RSPB conservation area in the village of Consall in the Staffordshire Moorlands 8 miles east of Stoke-on-Trent.
Having spent a year converting this former mill the owner (not involved in the recording industry) was offered a job elsewhere in the UK and reluctantly is having to sell this house now.
The mill is in the Churnet Valley, deep within the Consall Nature Reserve, which is managed by the RSPB.
Running alongside the property is the privately owned Churnet Valley Railway where a steam train runs at the weekends during the summer. Immediately parallel are the Cauldon Canal and the River Churnet, which is audible being just the other side of the railway.
The railway is NOT for mainline trains and there is no railway activity during the week. It operates during the summer months and at the weekends only. This is a private railway for old steam trains pulling vintage carriages (it needs a diesel engine on the other end for when it makes the 1000 ft climb up the valley, but only the steam engine is doing the work at the point of passing the property).
The timetable for the weekend steam railway is available at It runs every couple of hours during Saturday & Sunday and as such would not cause any significant disruption to recording sessions.
This original mill building comprises of two separate properties and the one being offered for sale here makes up the majority of the building.

 The conversion was originally intended for live/work use and as such has the appropriate planning consent. The residence above ground floor level has been completed – and developed to the highest standard – but further expansion is possible up to four levels. The property has planning permission to turn the existing downstairs unit into luxury accommodation.

Looking out from the large living area balcony you can watch the steam train passing every couple of hours on a Saturday or Sunday, which stops further up the valley near the Black Lion, a charming little pub set back from the canal & railway where there is live music, decent food and when you sit in the beer garden you can watch the barges turning in the canal, the steam train passing by, ducks heading down to the stream and free range hens pecking around your feet. 
The area used to be rich with mining ochre, limestone, copper & slate but nowadays the biggest industry is leisure & tourism; the RSPB’s nearby park facility opened in 1989 and is a popular picnic spot. 
Manchester & Birmingham International Airports are both just over an hour’s drive away.
London is 1h24m from Stoke on Trent by train, 3hrs by car.
The property’s water supply is not mains but rather the nearby natural water spring.

Blank canvas to develop a bespoke studio

The ground floor area that is available for development into a recording studio consists of two very large garages with temporary partitions that can easily be removed to free up a huge amount of space. There is over 6m headroom, various large access points and a mechanic’s pit, which could make a useful amp cupboard or echo chamber etc.

What is probably a key feature is that one of the rooms in the upstairs house (near the first floor’s front entrance) is set lower than the main floor, which means that it effectively looks out over one of the main garage rooms. It would make sense to have this as either a control room or some other ancillary function especially as it has its own cupboard suitable for power supplies etc.