La Chapelle Studios, Belgium


About the Property

La Chapelle has one of the biggest recording rooms in Europe and is located close to the border with Germany.

Created in 1995, La Chapelle originated from the relocated Katy Studios, where Marvin Gaye recorded his final studio album, ‘Midnight love’.  Many large film works have been recorded here and artists such as Cesaria Evoria, Boney M & The Gotan Project.

The commercial building is made up of the main studio (live room 320 m2, a large control room, several isolated booths, machine room), as well as a TV studio (160 m2) plus kitchen, dining & lounge areas.

This property is available to purchase for €750,000 and an optional extra: the neighbouring residential block comprising 18 apartments for an additional €1.45m. This adjacent building also comprises a Dance Hall.  The extensive opportunities this other building presents for potential investment is a separate discussion, but fully rented it generates €92k per year in rental income.

Please note the asking price for the main studio building with TV studio is €750,000 and at the time of this posting update (23rd Nov 2017) the conversion to GBP was €750k = £670k. 

The studio building (as photographed):

The recording room was designed & treated at great expense by Harris Grant & associates.

The live room has a unique magnetism that is absolutely stunning in its acoustical balance.

It’s entire floor is heated underfoot.

The space can be closed down using the huge custom screens, windows & drapes.

An attic stretches the length of the hall and there is plenty of scope to develop this attic into residential apartments; lots of space for multiple living spaces all isolated from the hall.

NOT IN THE PHOTOS ABOVE: relaxation areas, booths, storage rooms, machine rooms, offices and the extensive attic…