Building your own studio? Soundproofed pop-up booth for sale


About the Property

Thinking about building your own studio?

Quick, easy & low-cost studio build: ideal for empty warehouse shells.

For immediate sale:

VB Platinum range soundproof booth  – a faster, cheaper way of creating a sound isolated area within an existing building.

Each booth is 12′ x 16’ (3.65m x 4.87m) and with an extended height

Both are in excellent condition

Located in Milton Keynes

Transport not included

One is already disassembled and cling-wrapped on double pallets. The other is still erected – inspection visits are welcome.

Price £11k plus dismantling & transport cost (3 men, 1 day)

No VAT payable (private sale)


Exterior Height: 98 inches
Interior Height: 92 inches (extra-height model for client comfort)

Wall Thickness: 4 1/4 inches

Decibel Reduction Specs (Accurate to +/- 3dB)

Frequency (Hz)







Reduction (dB)







VocalBooth offers the highest level of sound reduction in the industry.

Practically this all means that you can hold a normal level conversation outside the booth whilst someone batters a drum kit inside, or the other way round of course.

Cableports: 4

Lighting: 220 V strip light (pre-wired)

Assembly Time: approx. 1 day with 3 men on the job.

Vent Systems: 3 silent extractor units (set for UK) drawing hot air from the top of the booth allowing cool air in through 3 vents at the bottom. All vents are contained within labyrinths to avoid any noise leakage.

Floor: Three layer sub-floor system with rubber bumper separators.

Size: 12′ x 16′

Door: The Platinum Series comes with a proprietary 78′′ x 32′′ x 1 3/4′′, solid wood door (nice and heavy).

Color: Executive gray acoustic fabric interior and executive gray fabric exterior.Windows: 3′ x 3′ wall window. Window is triple-paned glass consisting of one 1/4′′ pane, 1/8′′ pane and one 1/4′′ pane.

The price:

As a comparison, the prices of VB’s Platinum range booths are as follows

6′ x 8’   = £11,477
10′ x 10’ = £15,829
16′ x 16′ = £31, 304

The two on offer are priced at around half what they cost new.

The unit has been very carefully designed so that little more space than is required to fit the unit is needed to construct it. This allows it to fit into rooms only just larger than unit itself.

The unit was constructed in it’s current home with 18″ clearance all the way round.