Lancashire: freehold recording studios for sale


About the Property

Shireshead Church Studios, Lancashire

Shireshead Studio is a custom built state-of-the-art recording & audio production facility – designed & built by Peter Keeling of The Studiopeople – in a converted 18th Century Church, situated in an idilic rural location between Lancaster & Preston, Lancashire, with fantastic views of the surrounding countryside while still close to the M6 motorway.

It has excellent soundproofing to/from the outside world & lovely accurate acoustics. It’s a great environment to work in.

Studio 1: Large control room, large live room with isolated booth in the corner that is large enough for a drumkit, horn section etc. Air conditioned.

Studio 2: Small production/ edit/ voiceover studio consisting of a small control room suitable for 2-3 people. Adjacent booth for one. Air conditioned.

Small kitchen space & toilet.

Large office space – approx 10m x 10m adjacent to studio 2. Open plan. No fixed furniture or fittings so can be used as required – has full height of the church so can even be used as additional very large recording space for choirs, orchestral ensembles etc.

Balanced audio Tie lines exist betweeen both studios & the large office space, all wired to the studio patchbays with a wallbox in the office space.

Office space is oil-central heated. Existing telephone, broadband & ISDN lines. Plenty of storage within the building, both above the studios & the office space in lofts.

Small out-house contains the oil-tanker but storage in here too. Car-parking for about 4 -5 cars on-site. Full Redcare alarm system.

Planning permission already in place to operate as a commercial recording or a/v studio.

Existing studios equipment list (not exhaustive) :

Studio 1 :
Protools LE 7.1 / Digi002 set-up, running on Apple Mac G5 . Two large Dell flat panel displays. Video connections through to isolation booth.
Cubase 4 software
WAVES Platinum plug-ins ( & other misc plug-ins….Melodyne etc )
Bias PEAK software
Yamaha 02R mixer
2 x TLA quad valve mic preamps
TLA valve compressor
Dynaudio AIR monitors & remote – soffit-mounted.
TC Electronics Finalizer96k
Various 19″ rackmount outboard – Lexicon,Korg, Yamaha, Alesis Pronto2 ISDN codec Telephone Hybrid
MOTU AMT-8 rackmount MIDI interface
Various MIDI modules : Access Virus Classic, Alesis DM-5, Akai S1000,
Ensoniq MR-Rack, Roland JV1080 etc…
Various MIDI keyboards – Juno, DX, etc
Marantz Pro CD-R
Tascam DA-30 DAT
Tascam CD /Cassette unit
Z-Systems Digital De-tangler digital patchbay/ router
Fully specified XLR patch panels & GPO ‘B’ gauge patchbays featuring all connections.
Full headphone foldback / talkback system’ JBL control 1 speakers in Live room.

Studio 2:
Yamaha 02R mixer
Protools LE 7.3 /Digi Mbox running on Apple Pro Two dual core. Large Dell display. Video connections to flat panel display stand-mounted in adjacent booth.
Genelec 8020A monitors
Waves Gold plug-ins / other plug-ins
Bias PEAK software
Zephyr ISDN codec
Pronto2 ISDN codec
Headphone amp
Gentner Telephone hybrid
Sony rackmount MD recorder

Ancillaries : standard microphone kit: AKG C-414s/ Rode NT5/ Rode NT-3/ Shure 58s/ 57s/ Beyer M201/ various EV mics etc.
Pro headphones; 4 x AKG K270 closed/ beyer DT-100s etc etc
Beyer boom / short boom stands. K&M Large overheads / choir stand.

?350,000 Freehold including equipment & install (negotiable)