North London: Musician’s Studio Ideal For Composers and Album Projects


About the Property

Self-contained project studio with a relaxed, homely vibe ideal for composers requiring live recording space, especially with piano and guitar.

With a wide cityscape view from the control room the studio has an unusual amount of natural light.

The live room and vocal/ amp booth are full of excellent musical instruments and the equipment is of high calibre.

Situated on the 2nd floor of an arts building that houses multiple studios and other workspaces.

The building is managed by an arts charity, which means all occupants are exempt from business rates. Each unit is rented out on a licence to hire basis and all licences are renewed annually.

This particular studio has been running as both a commercial recording studio and a private writing studio for almost 20 years. A private parking space comes with the rent.

The current occupant is open to either subletting for a monthly fee, or relinquishing their licence for a premium of around £20k (open to offers).

There are 3 options available:

• rent the studio for 2-3 weeks per month
• rent the studio exclusively
• pay the current licensor a premium for the studio installation and possibly some of the equipment (separate negotiation)

Ideally the current occupier would like to retain a small number of days per month in exchange for the use of the Bechstein grand piano, Hammond C3 with Leslie 147 and possibly a tape machine and some other equipment (to be discussed).

Equipment installed (for additional rental cost – some items available to purchase if purchasing the installation and taking over the rent)

Desk/ Preamps/ Converters/ DAW

70’s Neve Kelso with 10 x 1081 mic preamps

Cranesong Spider 8 channel mic preamp and converter
4 x API 312 mic preamps
Universal Audio LA-610
Apollo QUAD 2 Sound Card Mac PRO & Mac Mini
Logic Pro X
Pro-Tools 10,11 & 12


5x PMC TB2SA monitors
Tannoy TS10 sub
Dangerous Music ST and SR monitor controllerMicrophones

Condenser mics:

2x Microtech Geffell M930
2x Microtech Geffell M300
2x Groove Tubes GT67 Valve
Beyerdynmic MM1 omni
Avantone C12 clone

Ribbon mics:

SE Voodoo VR1
2x Golden Age Ribbon R1 Mk2
Golden Age R2
2x Dynamic Sennheiser 441
Shure SM7
Heil Sound Pr30 and Pr40
Beyerdynmic X1N
2x Electrovoice RE15
Electrovoice 635a
AKG D112
Beyerdynamic M201
Shure Sm57 and Sm58’s


Universal Audio Quad 2
2x Urei 1176
Art Pro VLA
Great British Spring


Bechstein Grand Piano
Hammond B3 organ with Leslie 147
Trek DI Zeitler Upright (can be setup as tack or normal hammers)
Fender Rhodes Mk1 Suitcase
Wurlitzer 200a
Roland Juno 60
Korg Poly 6
Roland System 100 mono synth
Various harmoniums, reed and pump organs
Omnisphere, Massive and most soft synths and samples

Guitars and Amps

Custom Telecaster/Broadcaster
Custom Les Paul
Les Paul Jnr P90
Fender Jazz Bass Guitar
Yamaha 12 string
Slim neck vintage classical guitar
Cornell Romany Plus
Laney LC15


Yamaha kit: 22, 16, 12 70’s
Gretsch 20, 14, 10
Ludwig and Pearl Snares, Cymbals, Hi Hats
Congas and other percussion.