Rare & Collectable


Neumann M49 matched pair 

Neumann M49

Studer A827 Gold Edition (less than 100 hrs on clock)

MJQ selling Studer A827 Gold Edition

Neve 8 channel preamp rack

MJQ Neve 8 ch pre

Neve 33609 B original metal knob, fully serviced

MJQ selling Neve 33609B

BBC / Calrec portable preamp/ compressor lunchbox with front GPO patch

MJQ selling Calrec BBC lunchbox

Neve Melbourn

MJQ selling Neve Melbourn July 2018

Neve 8014

MJQ selling Neve 8014

Telefunken ELA M 251 vintage – consecutive pair

MJQ selling Telefunken ELA M 251 consecutive pair

Neve 1081 pair original vintage in powered rack

MJQ Neve 1081 pair original vintage racked

Helios 12ch sidecar from the original Helios at Ramport Studios (The Who)

MJQ Helios 1

Studer 369 early prototype fully refurbished 

MJQ selling Studer 369 pic2

Teldec Neumann 

MJQ Teldec Neumann 2

Decca WSW

MJQ Decca WSW console

Neumann SM69 valve (1964)

MJQ Neumann SM69

Neumann KM56

MJQ one of four KM56s this oldest one has a different box

Calrec PQ 1061

MJQ Calrec PQ1061


Coles 4038 brass finish Millennium Edition, serial numbers  #033 /  #038

MJQ Coles 4038 Milennium edition

RCA 76-B valve consolette

MJQ RCA 76B tube mixing consolette


Vacuvox CL-2

MJQ selling Vacuvox CL-2

Vacuvox U23

MJQ Vacuvox U23