Rare & Collectable


Pink Floyd’s Neumann U67 from their Britannia Row Studio

Pink Floyd U67

Vintage Neumann Mic Collection with original PSUs

7 x U67

MJQ all the U67s that have PSUs

2 x SM69 valve

MJQ the pair of Neumann SM69s

1 x SM23c

MJQ Neumann SM23c

4 x KM56

MJQ one of four KM56s this oldest one has a different box

Come with manufacturer’s report

API L512C vintage mic preamps ex Fleetwood Mobiles

API 512 preamps

4 racks of 12 available at £7,500 + VAT per rack

48 modules available in total, using L200 chassis.

ex Fleetwood Mobiles

Included in the sale are the original motorised pots controlled remotely (optional).

The control signals are mutiplexed and just need one single XLR line.

There is one PSU for the whole set so to buy a single rack one must buy an API 200 PSU to use as an individual external PSU.

Audio runs at +/- 16V, as do the motors.

MJQ API 512 motorised

MJQ API 512 ex Fleetwood Mobiles

RCA 96A mono compressor circa 1936 

One of the first ever limiting amplifiers, if not the first!

Sounds beautiful, golden and euphoric, truly unique.

MJQ RCA 96A circa 1936

Neumann PV76 mic preamps (2 remaining)

MJQ selling Neumann PV76 mic preamps

Focusrite ISA 116 from the original console at Electric Lady studios

12 mic preamps racked together with power supply

Used to track D’Angelo’s Voodoo album as well as countless others

MJQ Focusrite ISA 116 Electric Lady 1 MJQ Focusrite ISA 116 Electric Lady 2

Vacuvox CL-2 stereo tube compressor

“What a monster. Inspiration for the 670 but so much better in design and sound.”

“The king of compressors’… fat as hell.. dirty grainy punchy… ten million valves and a million transformers working in harmony to squeeze and squeeze. favourite!!! only got one…damn it!”

“Simply the best… phenomenal.”

“Tell me where to get a vacuvox. ill trade my cheap 176 replacement for it in a heartbeat.”

The CL2 is a modded Rohde & Schwarz U23 (mono)

Available to order via MJQ. Demo unit available for anywhere in London area.

Full info including history, manual etc. available upon request.

MJQ selling Vacuvox CL-2

Studer A800 MKIII rare because it has only done a few hundred hours

MJQ selling Studer A800 MKIII Aug 2016