Commercial recording studio including all the equipment and fittings £325k (+ £30k VAT)

£325,000 + £30k VAT

About the Property

Modern World Studios, Tetbury

£325,000 includes freehold, studio build, all the instruments & equipment, business title, website ( and going concern.

This is the final price reduction for a quick sale.

£325k includes the 3,000 sq ft freehold (worth £175k just for the shell alone) and also includes the White Mark studio design & build (cost nearly £1m) and also all the equipment (worth £150k+VAT),

The VAT is payable on the equipment only (£30k of VAT payable).

Gear (full list below) includes:

SSL Duality desk upgraded with latest Delta software

Exigy stereo and 5.1 monitoring system

Extensive outboard and plug-in range

Huge mic and instrument collection

All the furniture, DVD projector, screen etc. are all included in the price.

The main room is 460 sq ft. (43 sq m) and the drum room is 320 sq ft (25.5 sq m).

This is a first-rate studio situated on a quiet, friendly estate on the outskirts of Tetbury, Gloucestershire (2hrs drive from London).

The studio is equipped for 5.1 movie post-production.

There is scope to develop additional production areas.

The building has a brand new roof and a £50k air conditioning system.

Ancillary to the studio is a neighbouring residential accommodation (not for sale), owned by a separate freeholder.  A long-standing arrangement exists for its continuous availability as the studio’s “own” residential facilities.

Previous clients include…..

Sade, Lily Allen, The Doves, PiL, Dappy,  Cherry Ghost, Katy B, Jon Lord with producers Greg Haver, Dan Austin, Sean Genockey, James Towler, Steve Osborne, Craig Pruess, David Tickle, Phill Brown, Gerard John, Paul Corkett, Romesh Dadangoda (lost prophets) Matt Schofield, The Heavy, Marcus Bonfanti, John Poole, Ed Buller, Detroit Social Club, The Futures, Ken Nelson, Winchell Riots and many more.



48 Channel SSL Duality Console with latest software upgrades & SSL Bantam patch bay

Mic Preamps

48 SSL VHD premps
Chandler LTD1 Mic Pre/EQ x2
Neve 1073DPA x2 stereo (4 channels total)
TRP Stereo Ribbon Mic Pre
API A2D (Dual mic pres and Digital output)

Dynamics & EQ

Purple Audio MC77 (1176 Rev. E clones)
Chandler TG1 Compressor EMI Abbey Road
Chandler Curve Bender EQ x2
Empirical Labs Distressors EL8X
Studiomaster IDP 1Dynamics Processor
Thermionic Culture Pheonix Compressor
Universal Audio Stereo LA2A
API 500VPR x4
API 550B
API 527 CompressorMulti FX
Bricasti M7 Reverb
Alesis Micoverb III
Lexicon MX400L
Thermionic Culture Culture Vulture MV x2
Zoom rfx 1000
Moogerfooger Ringmod
Moogerfooger Analogue Delay
Moogerfooger Freqbox HardSync Oscillator2 Track Recorders
Tascam MD 350 Mini disc recorderMicrophones

AEA R88 Stereo Ribbon
AEA R92 Ribbon
AKG D112
AKG 414 XLS Matched Stereo pair
AKG C1000S x4
Audio Technica AT841A Boundry (X4)
Audio Technica MB3000L
Audix DP Elite 8 Drum Mic set
Audix D6
Behringer ECM8000 x2
Blue Bottle + Capsule set
Earthworks QTC 40 Matched Pair Omni
EV RE20 Dynamic
Neumann KM184 Stereo pair x2
Mercenary Audio MA69
Peavey PVM80
SE Electronics GM10 Guitar system
SE Electronics SE3 Stereo pair
SE Gemini MKII x2
Sennheiser MD421 x6
Shure SM57 x3
Shure Beta 58A
Shure SM58
Sony C800G
Soundelux ELUX251
Superlux 5 piece drum mic set
Telefunken U47AE (New Mic featuring VK14 Valve)
Yamaha SKRM100 Sub Kick


Exigy 515 Main Monitors custom installed for 5.1 surround x4
4x Audient One loudspeaker control units x4
Chevin Amp x2
Acoustic Energy AE22 Actives x2
Quested S7 Nearfields x2
Yamaha NS10S x2
Genelec 1029A x2
Quested S8s for live room playback

Apogee Big Ben

Multitrack/Computer Hardware
Apple Mac Pro Dual 2.8 Ghz, 8Gig
4x Digidesign 192 interfaces expanded to 48 channels I/0
Digidesign Protools HD 7.4.3 or Protools HD 8.0.3
Apple Logic Pro 8.0.2
Glyph Rack Chassis Hard drive system
Apple Mac Pro Dual 2.66 ghz, 3 gig, OSX 10.5.6 or OSX 10.4.11
Apogee Rosetta 800 + HD Card x2
Apple  20″ cinema display
Foldback/Headphones x8
Aviom Ethernet headphone distribution system x3
Sennheiser in-ear wireless monitoring system

Headphones x5
Beyer DT 150 x5
Beyer DT 100
Beyer DT 770Plug-insEQ: Digidesign 1 Band EQ 3 (Mono), Digidesign 4 Band EQ 3 (Mono) Digidesign 7 Band EQ 3 (Mono), Focusrite d2 1-2 Band (Mono) Focusrite d2 4 Band (Mono), Focusrite d2 6 Band (Mono) Focusrite d2 Stereo, Jo Meek Meequalizer (Mono) Massenburg Hires EQ V.2, Massey V.t3 URS Channel Strip Pro, URS everything EQ bundle, Brainworx BX Digital, Abbey Road Briliiance pack, Waves Mercury Bundle (Native)DYNAMICS: Bombfactory BF 3A (Mono), Bombfactory BF76 (Mono) Digidesign Compressor/Limiter Dyn 3 (Mono), Digidesign De-Esser Dyn 3 (Mono) Digidesign Expander/Gate Dyn 3 (Mono), Digidesign Impact Digidesign Maxim (Mono), Fairchild 660 (Mono) Focusrite d3 (Mono) , Focusrite d3 (Stereo) Impact (Mono), Joe Meek Compressor (Mono) Massey Ct4 Massey 2007 Limiter Purple Audio MC77 (Mono) TC Electronics Master X3 (Mono) TC Electronics MD3TL Aggro URS Channel Strip Pro, URS Classic Compressor Bundle URS 1975 Compressor Bundle Waves Mercury BundlePITCH SHIFT: Antares Autotune EVO Celemony Melodyne DNA Digidesign Pitch Shift (Mono/Stereo) Digidesign Time Shift Digidesign Vari-Fi Digidesign X Form Waves Mercury Bundle (Native)REVERB: Altiverb TDM Digidesign D-Verb (Mono) Digidesign D-Verb (Mono/Stereo), Digidesign Revibe Eventide Anthology II TDM Bundle Reverb One (Mono) Reverb One (Mono/Stereo), TC Electronic VSS3 TC Electronic DVR2, TC Electronic Non-lin TL Space Reverb Waves Mercury Bundle (Native)DELAY: Digidesign Delay, Digidesign Extra Long Delay II (Mono) Digidesign Long Delay II (Mono), Digidesign Long Delay II (Mono/Stereo) Digidesign Medium Delay II (Mono), Digidesign Medium Delay II (Mono/Stereo) Digidesign Reeltape Delay, Digidesign Short Delay II (Mono) Digidesign Short Delay II (Mono/Stereo), Digidesign Slap Delay II (Mono/) Digidesign Slap Delay II (Mono/Stereo), Digidesign Time Adjuster Long (Mono) Digidesign Time Adjuster Medium (Mono), Digidesign Time Adjuster Short (Mono) Digidesign Multi-tap Delay, Digidesign Ping-Pong Delay Line 6 Echo Farm, Moogerfooger Analog Delay (Mono) Sound Toys Echo Boy Tel-Ray Delay Waves Mercury Bundle (Native)
MODULATION: Cosmonaut Voice Digidesign Chorus Digidesign Flanger Digidesign Sci-Fi (Mono) Digidesign Voce Chorus Vibrato (Mono) Digidesign Voce Spin (Mono) Digidesign Voce Spin (Mono/Stereo) Funk Logic Masterizer Moogerfooger Lowpass (Mono) Moogerfooger Phaser (Mono) Moogerfooger Ring Modulator (Mono) TL Everyphase Waves Mercury Bundle MODERN WORLD STUDIOS Equipment List

HARMONICS: Amp Farm (Mono) Digidesign Lo-Fi (Mono) Digidesign Recti-Fi (Mono) Digidesign Reel Tape Saturation Digidesign Reeltape Flanger Massey THC Line 6 Amp Farm SansAmp PSA-1 (Mono) Waves Mercury Bundle

DITHER: Digidesign Dither (Mono) POWr Dither (Mono) Waves Mercury Bundle

INSTRUMENT: Bruno (Mono), Bruno (Mono/Stereo) Click (Mono) EastWest Symphonic Orchestra Gold Edition Indigo 1 to 8 (Mono) and (Mono/Stereo) Indigo V40 1 to 4 (Mono) and (Mono/Stereo) Native Instrument Battery 3, Reso (Mono) and (Mono/Stereo)

OTHER: Aphex Aural Exciter + Big Bottom, Bomb Factory Clip Remover Bomb Factory Essential Meter Bridge (Mono) Bomb Factory Essential Noise Meter (Mono) Bomb Factory Essential Tuner (Mono) , Digidesign DC Offset removal Digidesign Duplicate, Digidesign Gain Digidesign Invert, Digidesign Normalize Digidesign Reverse, Digidesign Signal Generator Digidesign Sound Replacer Digidesign Time Compression Expansion Digidesign Trim (Mono), TL Autopan TL Drum rehab, TL In Tune Retrospect Backup Software Waves Mercury Bundle Vocalign Pro V4

Guitars – Electric

Fender Stratocaster Custom Relic 1956 (subject to permission)
Fender Telecaster A Series
Fleetwood Custom
Gibson LP Classic 1960
Gibson SG STD Cherry
Gibson ES 335 Custom Historic 1959 Natural (subject to permission)
Line 6 Variax 500
Line 6 Variax 700Guitars – Acoustic
Alhambra CTWE – 7FS Electro-acoustic
Dean Exotic Birdseye Electro-acoustic
Freshman Electro-acoustic
Gibson SJ200
Martin HD28BassPeavey
Rickenbacker 4001Guitar Amps
Fender 1959 Deluxe Model 6G3 30Watt
Orange Thunderbird Head
Orange PPC 412 Straight Cab
Laney 10W Valve Combo
Mesa Boogie Lonestar Classic
Marshall Bluesbreaker Combo
Marshall MG10W
Roland VGA 3
Vox AC30 (British build)Acoustic Amps
AER Compact 60Bass Amps
Ampeg pr410hlf bass cab
Ampeg svt6 pro bass head 1100W
Gallien Kruger 700RB ComboGuitar Effects
Roland GR20 Guitar midi system
Line 6 Floor Board
Digitech Whammy Pedal
Digitech Brian May Red Special
Morley George Lynch Tripler AB-Y
Vox Valvetronic tonelab se
Boss Stompbox (Chromatic Tuner, Digital Delay, Dynamic Wah, Chorus Ensemble, Blues Driver, Compression/Sustainer)
Roland GP100 Guitar pre amp processor
Roland GFC 50 Foot Controller
Roland FC200 Foot Controller
Sennheiser Wireless guitar systemKeysYamaha upright piano
Roland VR-760
Freebass Analogue Technologies FB383
Edirol PCR500PA SystemMackie SWA1501 x2
Mackie SRM 450 x2
Mackie SR1530DrumsYamaha Oak Custom kit (22″,10″,12″,14″,)
Yamaha NSD1365M Oak Snare
Paiste 2002 20″ Deep Full Ride, Med Paiste 2002 Crash Std
Med Paiste 14″ Crunch Hats Pair

Guitar Stands

Hercules x10
Multiple Rock 5 Guitar Stand x2

DI System

BSS AR-133 Active D Box x5
A-Designs Reddi Valve DI Box
Radial RMP Passive Re-Amping device
Radial X-Amp Active Re-Amping device

Mic stands

Beyer SGT 500/590 x16
SE Electronics
Quicklok A85 Booms x5
Legacy x5

Music Stands

Orchestral Music Stands x4

Midi Controllors

Edirol PCR300 keyboard

Midi Interfaces


Acoustic Screens

SE Electronics Reflection Filter x2
Ghost Acoustic Screen x6
Acoustic Science Tube Trap x8


EMU 64 Digital Sampler