Kew, SW London: Flexible timeshare of fully equipped studio

£1000 - £2500/month

About the Property

Flexible timeshare (£1000-2500/month)

Options of

–       4 days per month,

–       1 week per month

–       2 weeks per month

Flexible basis, so the days don’t need to be all clustered together, and can be arranged with the owner in advance, to suit your schedule.

1 x Main Control Room

1 x Live (Drum) Room

1 x Live (Vocal/Guitar) Room / Project Studio

2 x Bathrooms

This high spec penthouse recording studio with panoramic views and two balconies is based in Kew/Brentford, very close to Richmond and Chiswick, and with convenient transport links to central London.

All three rooms are conveniently linked via wall boxes, so you could either use the project room as a separate studio for editing / vocals / post-production, or you could run larger tracking sessions making use of two live rooms for isolation between sources.

Despite being based in a residential area, the studio is based on its own floor, so provided neighbours are respected upon entering the building, noise isn’t an issue once in the studio. There is a car park about a 5 minute walk away for anyone who may drive.

Equipment includes:

An Avid S3 and Dock at the heart of the mixing desk for an in-the-box workflow with the sonic benefits of our makeshift 88RS Neve console made up on Neve 8801 channel strips, amongst our other additional outboard gear.

iMac i7 2018 (Logic Pro X)

Additional Outboard

1 x LA2A

1 x UA 6176

1 x Neve 1073DPX Dual

1 x Apollo 16

2 x Apollo 8p

1 x Neve 33609

4 x Neve 1073 LB

2 x SSL VHD LB pre


2 x SPL Transient Designer

2 x API 560 EQ

1 x API 5500 stereo EQ

1 x API 527 Dynamics

1 x A-Designs EM-PEQ 500

Variety of drum kits, snares, and amps.

Drums include:

1 x modern Yamaha kit

1 x 1966 Ludwig kit

Guitar amps include:

Orange Rockverb MkIII

VOX AC-15, Fender Vibrolux

MESA Mark 5 Twenty-Five

MESA Single Rectifier 50

Marshall Advanced VAlvestate 150

Marshal MG50 DFX

Kemper Profiling Amp

Bass amps include:

Ampeg V4B 1978 Vintage

Ampeg Portaflex PF20T


3 x Avalon U5 DI Boxes

3 x Univeral Audio OX Amps

Note: 2 of the DI Boxes and OX Amps are rigged up in the amp room via Ampete 88S switching systems meaning you can switch between amps at the flick of a button without having to unplug your guitar lead or change the amp to cab connections. This makes workflow fantastic.

One rig is set up for the main guitar amps, and the other is set up for bass amps.

The third DI Box and OX Amp is kept in the control room so if you wish to bring your own amp(s) you can set this up yourself independently of having to tediously change the rig / cabling of the first two Ampete-OXAmp systems.

Additional instruments include:

–       Legend Viscount

–       Arturuia Keylab 88

–       Roland V-Kit

–       Roland System 8 Synth

Microphones include:

–       1 x Neumann U87

–       1 x Warm Audio 87

–       1 x Pelusso 2247

–       2 x Neuman KM84 (stereo pair)

–       2 x AKG-414 (stereo pair)

–       2 x Microtech Geffell M300 (stereo pair)

–       2 x Coles 4038 (stereo pair)

–       1 x Soundelux U195

–       1 x Royer-121 ribbon

–       4 x Sennheiser MD-421

–       6 x Shure SM57

Plugins + VSTs:

–       Waves Platinum

–       Universal Audio

–       Fabfilter

–       Tonebooster

–       Softube

–       Plugin Alliance

–       Amplitube 4 (IK Multimedia)

–       Spectasonics Keyscape)

–       Native Instruments

–       Roland Cloud