Outside Manchester SW area: sale of fixtures & fittings/ lease


About the Property

Sale of studio fixtures & fittings for a fraction of the original build cost.

3 years left on the lease + 2 year option, but likely to be granted a fresh lease.

The studio has mainly been used for mixing/ production. It has been designed for electronic music and can be adapted to suit any genre.

Reason for sale : relocating to USA.

Property details:

There are 3 rooms

Studio control room, approx. 4.5m/5.5m
Isolation booth, approx. 2m/2m
Bar, approx. 2m/3m

The space is leased, and is situated within a characteristic 1850s old station house building. There’s 5 other spaces within the building, toilets/kitchen are shared, parking adjacent to the building is included in the lease, with 24hr access.

Train noise/ vibration:

The studio is situated adjacent to the railway. Soundproofing has been carried out to a decent standard so vibrations and noise are minimal in the control room, and not audible in the isolation booth. Trains are small, only pass once per hour and really only noticeable when a freight train pasess (twice per day) however the train vibrations have never been a bother nor have they spilled onto a mic.

The current rent & rates are remarkably low (info on application)

The studio is on the edge of the town, which is a vibrant historic town and a fashionable area of Cheshire, a lot of bars, restaurants etc. Also close to the M6 Jcn19, 20 mins MCR Airport, 20 miles from Manchester, approx. 30 miles from Liverpool, so quite well located in the North West.

Trains to London

Either 1hr 45 mins direct from Wilmslow, or 2hrs 30mins from Knutsford via Stockport. (basically Crewe to London Euston is 1hr 30 mins/ Crewe is 40 mins drive/Wilmslow 15 mins)