Pavillion Studios, Barbados – price open to negotiation


About the Property

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Pavillion Studios, Barbados: opportunity to acquire a working studio

Pavilion Studios Ltd is a limited liability company incorporated under the laws of Barbados on February 25th, 2015. It has one director and shareholder.

The company owns the recording studio trading as Pavilion Studios, together with all associated equipment and assets. It also owns a long term lease on the property called The Barbados Pavilion, which is a protected United Nations property built in 1790, in which the studio has been constructed.

Building history

The property is a beautifully restored building, originally built as the first hospital for the British Garrison in Barbados. The property later became the hospital administrators personal residence and surgery when a new and expanded hospital was constructed next door.

The building was redeveloped into apartments in the 1950s and gutted by fire in 1973, leaving only the walls standing. In 2003 the building was beautifully restored by a property investment company to its original design including 3 conference rooms on the ground floor and a restaurant bar and lounge on the top floor. No sooner was the renovation completed when the property was sold and remained under lock & key until May 2015, when it was leased by Pavilion Studio Ltd for this world class recording studio complex.

Modernisation & studio construction

The building underwent extensive maintenance between 2015 and 2018, including new and efficient air conditioning systems, plumbing, electrical upgrades, termite treatment, painting and general maintenance.

The studio was constructed on the top floor by building a room within the existing space, and acoustically treating the space. The entire top floor was floated during the original reconstruction in 2003 for conference purposes, but is ideal for a recording studio directly on a main road by the beach.


The property is situated 1 mile away from the capital city of Bridgetown, on the south coast of Barbados, 100 feet from the beach, and adjacent to several excellent hotels and restaurants; including the new Courtyard Marriott hotel, which is on the same property, and the Coconut Court beach hotel, which is directly in front of the property on the beach. There are also several excellent restaurants on site, including Buzo Italian restaurant, Mama Mia, and others.

The Garrison historic area is walking distance from the property, including the Garrison savannah horse racing track.

Clients can stay at one of the on-site hotels, or one of the high-end condos within walking distance of the studio. Clients can eat onsite at one of the adjacent restaurants, or have food brought in from any one of several restaurants within walking distance from the studio.


Through an associated company, Paradise Limousine Services, the studio can provide airport pickup and transfers via limousine or S-Class Mercedes for discerning clients.

Technical spec

The studio consists of a control room of 432 square feet (24′ x 18′), featuring soffit fitted Quested HQ410 main monitors, an SSL 4064 G+ Console, with dual computer monitors mounted above the meter bridge, and a 75” Samsung monitor mounted above the window to the live recording area.

The Pro Tools HDX system has 128 analog inputs and 128 analog outputs wired to the console and patch bay via 4 Antelope Orion 32 HD convertors, clocked by the Antelope 10MX Atomic clock.

There are 2 fully rebuilt and aligned Studer A-800 MKIII 24 track 2” Tape machines synced by a Lynx Timeline system, and fully controlled from the SSL console.

There is also an Ampex ATR 102 1”/ 1/2” analog master tape machine.

There are calibration tapes for all machines.

The headphone monitoring system is a Hearback Pro 16 channel system, with 16 mixer stations each with dual headphone outputs. Monitoring can be routed directly in pro tools, or from the console if working on analog tape.


The control room features a non-reflection zone at the mix position, a large rear wall bass trap and rosewood diffusor system, side wall bass traps, and ceiling absorbers. It features an 8 x 4′ foot window to the main live recording studio with excellent visibility. It features 2 large 4′ x 6′ windows to the outside; one facing the ocean and the other facing the Courtyard Marriott hotel.

The control room has 2 rear facing corner work stations, and 2 forward facing work station/ equipment pods filled with outboard gear, just behind the mix position.

Studio layout

The recording spaces include a 672 square foot main live recording area, featuring polished hard wood floors and walls, a large rear wall rosewood diffusor, and rosewood ceiling diffusors.

There is a large sound-proofed double exterior door for bringing in equipment.

All interior sound-proofed studio doors are manufactured by Industrial Acoustics Corporation (IAC).

There are 2 isolation booths off the main studio, one is a dead room (81 square foot vocal booth), and the other is a small live room of 117 square feet, which houses the Yamaha C1 baby grand piano. All 3 spaces have large 4′ x 5′ double insulated glass windows providing visibility between the spaces. There is also a 4′ x 13′ corridor between the control room and the main recording studio, fitted with tie lines, which is often used as a third isolation space for guitar amps, or rough vocals. This corridor space has a windowed door to the control room and 4’ x 6′ widow to the sea side.

The studio has lots of natural light, with many 4′ x 6′ double insulated glass windows to the outside and ocean views along with blackout drapes for privacy if required.


There are 58 mic /lines available in the live areas, directly connected to the console channel inputs via the patch bay.

The main recording studio has 2 mic/ line panels with 56 mic/ lines available, as well as 10 Hearback ports, 8 midi ports, 3 video ports and 16 fold back ports and a tie line panel connecting to the 3 isolation spaces, featuring 7 tie lines.

The piano booth has 16 mic/ lines/ 8 tie lines, 2 Hearback ports 1 video port, and 4 fold-back ports.

The vocal booth has 4 mic/ lines 8 tie lines, and 2 Hearback ports

The corridor has 4 mic/ lines, 7 tie lines and 1 Hearback port.

The control room also has 2 Hearback ports and multiple tie lines to the console patch bay.

Other areas in the building

There is a 24′ x 16′ seated reception on the ground floor, with a beautiful marble and hardwood staircase to the top floor lounge, featuring a Persian runner.

The top floor lounge is 24′ x 16′ and features access doors on both sides to the large wrap around balconies and the control room. It features leather designer furniture by Timothy Olton.

The property features 2 air-conditioned ladies washrooms, and 2 air-conditioned gents washrooms.

There is lots of parking in front of the property, as well as beautiful landscaped grounds, featuring a fountain courtyard on the sea side and 4 ponds.

There is easy beach access, and lovely ocean views from the studio wraparound balconies.

There is a basement storage area, which houses the 2 EMT plate reverbs, spare parts, cables, and equipment storage.

There are also 2 air conditioned conference rooms available for rent on the ground floor.