Pop-Up Studio For Sale: 3 shipping containers converted into high-end production studio (equipment not included)

£25,990 + VAT

About the Property

Pop-up studio for sale

3 shipping containers converted to high-end production studios

Info packs available upon request:

PDF document
Digital VR presentation
Photographs taken at each stage of the construction process

Why they were built:

Originally built for a philantropic project in Cabinda (Angola). Order cancelled due to political developments in Angola (change of government).


£30k euros + VAT

This was a £100k project, but actual build cost €30k was the amount laid out by the designer.
Only the cost of €30k is sought to be recouped.

No profit has been added and the price is non-negotiable.

Included in the price:

*Three new high cube seacontainers
*Steelwork for added structural rigidity
*Soundproofing (floating rooms, including soundproof doors & windows)
*Acoustic treatment, fabric & wood finishing
*Wooden floors
*Ducted airconditioning (3x), indoor & outdoor units.
*LED lighting
*Complete electrical installation
*Audio cabling is included for ease of connectivity to incoming equipment.

Not included in the price:

Additional costs 1: shipment, insurance, all local import duties/taxes/VAT etc. (if you are VAT registered EU and outside of NL then you don’t have to pay VAT. Likewise if you are outside EU you do not have to pay VAT). After Brexit who knows.

Additional costs 2: sending engineers to make the final cuts in the container walls and the connection of the containers. Price to be discussed.

Full description

Unique transportable recording studio, consisting of a Control Room and a Tracking Room, built in three 20ft High sea containers

While the concept of building a studio in a sea container is not new, the designers took it a step further: By joining two containers, a space was created large enough to serve as a comfortable tracking room, along with a separate container for the control room.

The studio can be shipped worldwide as three normal sea-containers (because no outer openings have been made yet), therefore there is no worry of damage during transport.

Everything is prepared ready to make the final connection when they arrive on site. This is when the dividing container walls will be cut away. It will be relatively easy for a skilled worker to make the required openings or for a small fee the designer can also send one of their own engineers to do the job.

All three containers are soundproofed by building a ‘room-in-a-room’ on a floating floor. There are wooden stud walls and ceilings that are filled with rockwool and finished with three layers of plasterboard and Green Glue noiseproofing compound. Windows are double-glazed with heavy laminated glass (Stratophone) and inside window panes are tilted downward for reflections away. The window frames, including the glass, are pre-installed in the gypsum wall of the inner shell. Upon arrival at the destination, the window openings (+10 mm) will be cut out from the outside of the container wall. After that, the windows will then easily slide in place by fastening heavy duty screws in the window frame. The remaining 10 mm gap around the window frame will be filled with elastic sealant.

Container 1 : Control Room

  • Symmetrical
  • Lengthwise speaker orientation
  • Left hand side window
  • Extensive low frequency and broadband absorption acoustic treatment
  • Top quality fireproof and colourful fabric finish
  • Beautiful oak floor
  • Quiet ducted air-conditioning system
  • Separate ventilation system with controllable fresh air speed
  • Dimmable LED lights around the ceiling
  • Container 1 houses the main electric panel for all containers.
  • All connectors are clearly labelled to make a truly plug & play studio
  • Holes for the cabling, the air con’s copper piping and condense water are ready to be easily made through the wooden floor

N.B. Two things that must be done by certified engineers according to local regulations; The main electrical power coming in (3 phase European), and also the connection of the air conditioning outside units. We have made sure that this can be done with minimal effort.

The Control Room comes with a wired patch panel with all connections to the Tracking Room plus additional tie lines to the back of the Control Room for plugging in line level instruments. A Switchcraft TT patch panel is wired for use with an analogue console and 24 channel AD/DA interface (D-sub connectors). Can adapt the wiring to accommodate alternative signal flow.

Containers 2 and 3 : left and right half of the Tracking Room

Heavy steel bars to keep structural rigidity when cutting out the side wall.
The two halves of the inner shells will be joined by pre-fabricated elements to ensure consistent soundproofing.
The floors will be connected similarly, to create a continuous floor.
Everything is demountable to allow moving the studio to another location.

Acoustic treatment in the Tracking Room is optimized for live musicians playing popular music and there is great visual contact with the Control Room via the large window. Custom designed wall panels give a pleasant mix of low frequency and wide band absorption with well controlled reflections. The ceiling has low-mid absorption and diffusion in the form of perforated panels. There are demountable cable runs around the perimeter with enough power points. Dedicated 19” panels house 16 microphone inputs, with multiple tie lines and fold-back systems. Two silent ducted air conditioning units are hidden above the acoustic ceiling and fresh air is supplied by a dedicated ventilation system with three speeds.

N.B. The tracking room can always be taken apart again and transported to a new location over land, but not easily anymore by ship, because the containers will then be half open.


Outside dimensions (per container, L x W x H):

606 x 244 x 289 cm

Average interior dimensions:

Control Room (LxWxH): 470 x 190 x 220 cm
Tracking Room (LxWxH): 490 x 420 x 220 cm


Walls: Camira fabric Blazer Lite Buddha, Mikado Color 8 Grana (Red), Ceilings: Mikado color 100 Natural (off-white)

Floors: Oak, finished with oil

Air Conditioning:

Control Room: indoor LG CB09L N12, outdoor LG UU09W ULD
Tracking Room: indoor LG CB09L N12 (2x), outdoor LG MU3 M19


All technical questions and other queries please email hmjackson@mjq.co.uk or call +44 (0) 7545 330637