Vermont, USA: retreat-style residential recording studio


About the Property

Vermont, USA

$469k USD

Retreat-style recording studio and residence

40 acres of gardens, meadows & woodland

Gorgeous and excellent location – everything is 6 minutes away

4 hours from NYC
2 1/2 hours from Boston
Just over one hour from Northampton MA

Two buildings with over 5,000 sq ft of versatile space, surrounded by an abundance of lush greenery

Main dwelling

Craftsman-style home

Hand-built stone and marble fireplace

Artfully patterned hardwood floors

Updated kitchen

Wonderfully peaceful decked terrace

Beautiful garden with large pond and abundance of wildlife

Recording studio

Opened in 2004

Designed by AIA Award- winning designers SSD Architecture

3000 sq ft studio building with 900 sq ft open concept space

An extension of an existing century-old barn, the new structure utilizes a transformation of the pitched roofs
A simple ‘scissor’ truss is mirrored to create both east and west skylights while on the interior, the asymmetrical space allows for a positive scattering of sound.
Acoustically considered ground level space
Dyed concrete floors with radiant heating
Windows designed to make the most of the natural light
Sliding glass doors leading out to a broad deck

Studio layout

First floor:

500 sq ft lounge
Sunny kitchen
Full bath
2 guest rooms
Double garage

Second floor:

2 more large studio spaces
Plumbed sink
Private terrace

Comfortable, appealingly rural atmosphere and the informal “workshop-like” feel to the studio.
The space co-exists with its surroundings beautifully.
It’s an incredibly pleasant place in which to make music.

Materials/ aesthetic 

The floors are brick-red dyed concrete with radiant floor heating
the walls and ceilings are local pine and hemlock.
The room is especially conducive to tracking with a “natural” feel.

Studio design

Open-concept space
40 x 25 feet with 18 feet high pitched ceilings
Combined control room/ live room
The space co-exists with its surroundings beautifully.
The engineer and artist are in the same space
There’s no talkback mic, no glass, no confusion
An amazing space, both sonically and aesthetically,
Excellent acoustics and ergonomics as well as tons of controlled natural light (you don’t have to turn a light on until sunset)

Light & acoustic 

The design solves specific issues of acoustics while engaging the site and context.
The open end-bay of the structure telescopes views into the rural landscape and creates a rest area for musicians.
A prefabricated scissor truss is repeated and mirrored to allow for constant illumination throughout the day.
A mirrored scissor truss creates an asymmetrical roof solving acoustic issues, while allowing for day-lighting and natural ventilation from the east and west.
The open tracking room has ample daylight while being acoustically isolated
An inset front wall creates a porch-like space for musicians to take breaks within the verdant landscape.
The roof forms echo the existing house on the site.

Auxilliary recording spaces

Classic vocal/amp booth
25 x 20 foot lounge can double as a tracking room
Heavy-duty wheeled gobos with double-pane windows

Please note equipment is not included in the sale.


40 acres of woods
Charming meadows
Stream-fed pond with screened gazebo.


Secluded area in southern Vermont, between Bellows Falls and Townshend with fresh Green Mountain air

1hr from Northampton MA

2.5hrs from Boston

4hrs from NYC




Cross-country skiing


Alpine skiing at Magic Mountain (25mins), Mt. Snow, and Okemo (40mins).

Going out

Pub/ tavern @ Saxtons River (8mins)

Live music @ Phelps Barn in Grafton (8mins)

Several other taverns/ restaurants (20 mins)

City nightlife/ dining (e.g. sushi): Brattleboro (30 mins)