Whitechapel: small tracking studio with separate overdub/ drum booths available timeshare (long-term)


About the Property

This is a private studio consisting of control room and two separate recording rooms (one is a small live room and the other (pictured) is a slightly smaller overdub room.
Includes access to private walled garden at rear of property.
Situated 5 mins walk from Whitechapel tube/ Overground
Price of £1k per month for Friday-Sunday
Includes use of equipment (listed below)
All utility bills, business rates, wifi etc. included
Timeshare £1k pcm for the use of control room with all equipment, drum room (not pictured), vocal booth and gallery space (not pictured) if desired, from early Friday morning through to late Sunday night, every week.

Control Room = 3.8 x 3.3m
Black Room = 3 X 2.3m
Drum Room 3.8 x 3.1m
Gallery 4.8 x 6.3m





PMC Two Two Six
Yamaha NS10 with Bryston 3B Amp PURE Radio


Mac Mini Late 2014, 3GHz Intel i7, 16 Gig DDR3 RAM – 2 monitors
24 IN 32 OUT
Protools 12 HD Native Thunderbolt
Ableton Live Standard
UAD Thunderbolt OCTO
NI Komplete
Arturia V Collection
Ableton Push2
Novation Impulse 49


1 x Vintage RCA 77DX
2 x Aston Spirit condensers
1 x Vintage AKG D12 metal frame
1 X RØDE Classic Valve Limited edition 1 x Aston Starlight
2 x AKG 414 XLS Matched pair
1 x NS10 Woofer low end speaker
4 x SM57
1 x Vintage Altec Microphone 661B 1 x AKG D112

Preamps/ EQs :

16 X ORAM 16T (Trident) Preamps with ORAM EQs 2 x cAPI 512c with High Impedance/Guitar/DI inputs 2 API 560 Graphic EQs

Dynamics :

Dramastic Obsidian
Valley People DynaMite
Valley People 610
Alesis 3630
DBX 160a

FX :

Eventide H3000 Kitchen Sink MOD
Sony MP5
Dolby 361 x 3
Deltalab Effectron 2 Ensoniq ASR10
Yamaha SPX90
Amdek Delay

Instruments :

Juno 60 with Juno 66 MOD
Roland TR 606 Ensoniq ASR10
Crumar BIT01 with VST Control
EMU SP1200
Fender Strat Guitar
Fender PJazz Bass
Roland TR8
Roland TR303 Clone BassBot

Amps :

Vox AC30 CC2a Celestion Blue
WEM Watkins Dominator 3
Laney Linebacker 100 Bass Head
Ampeg 8 X 10
Orange CR120 with Cab

Tape Machines :

TASCAM MS16 (in repair)
Revox B77