Technical Services

mjQ is proudly associated with select world-class technical engineers through long-established working relationships and extend to all customers the benefit of much experience handling particular kinds of equipment.

Repair & refurbishment works of vintage and classic recording equipment organised by mjQ are assigned to freelance technical engineers specialising in the appropriate field of expertise.

Each job schedule is managed by way of shared online diaries with automatic email notifications for tracking progress.

Initial evaluations are served by way of a technical report with an accurate-as-possible assessment and quote for repair; depending on the nature of the fault the technical engineer will provide advice as to the best course of action in order for there to be an informed judgement prior to works.

Typically the hourly rate is £55 + VAT. Payment of the invoice is required prior to release of goods; the work is covered by a warranty the terms of which are specific to each technician (details available upon request).