What is the true value of your studio?

mjQ has been valuing Studios since 1970.

We carry out Inventory and Valuations for Studio Sales, Insurance purposes, Loans, re-equipping, new partners, or just for ascertaining the true value of the studio.

Previous clients include Imagine Studios at Tittenhurst Park for the late John Lennon, the complete contents of Townhouse studios for Universal Records, Trident studios Soho, CBS Soho, CTS Wembley and CTS Kensington, The Church for the Eurythmics, and many music business clients of Barclays Bank Soho Square, London W1. Mark Angelo studios W3 and Eden Studios Chiswick,  Barry Gray of Thunderbirds / Captain Scarlett, Bray Film studios for the late Gerry Anderson, Elstree Film studios and Fleetwood mobiles.

We evaluate all kinds of recording equipment from antique analogue equipment to brand new digital – the latest being the contents of EMI studios Barcelona for the new owner of the equipment – and countless others